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About us.

Volmink Group is a Multi Disciplinary Architecture & Design Practice founded in 2015 by Karmen Montiere Volmink. Our Goal is to create impactful Architecture, Buildings and Spaces that Improve Lives and Livelihoods. We are a BIM focussed Practice that places great emphasis on Digital Construction Methods and Processes. We strive to create projects that incorporate international BIM solutions, and we teach on the value BIM brings to projects.

Welcome! Our team of enthusiastic Architects and Designers, based in the Kingdom of Eswatini are here to make something amazing happen with you!

Our core focus is to help people live and work better by designing spaces that foster excitement and growth.
Through our deep passion for creation and problem solving, we design beautiful buildings, enjoyable spaces and thriving environments.

We value collaboration – it is an imperative approach to achieve the best outcome for every project. We adopt cutting edge technology to design 3D digital models, which allow our clients to visualize our ideas quickly and easily. We believe great architecture has the ability to unite people. We seek out Adventurous Clients who are willing to be bold and different, to create unique solutions and one of a kind buildings! If you are an Adventurous Client with a project > Lets Make Amazing Happen! 

Volmink Group is a Professionally Registered Architecture Practice with EEAES, AESAP and CIC in the Kingdom of Eswatini. As Director and Lead Designer, Karmen Montiere Volmink Pr Arch Tech,  is an ARCHICAD Trainer, BIM and Digital Construction Speaker and Talented Designer. 

For Collaboration Work, connect with us on info@volminkgroup.co.sz